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Scrubs Soundtrack Staffel 3

Episode  Song  Interpret 
Mein Rundumschlag 2x01  "Overkill"   Colin Hay 
Mein Nachtdienst 2x02 
Mein Ticket nach Reno 2x03  "Caught by the River"  The Doves 
  "Drowned"  The Poor Rich Ones 
  "In the Mood"  Glenn Miller 
  "What a Difference a Day Makes"  Dinah Washington 
Meine grosse Klappe 2x04  n.V.  n.V. 
Mein Kittel 2x05  "A Little Better"  Keren DeBerg 
  "Here Goes My Baby"  Cat Stevens 
Mein grosser Bruder 2x06  "Something's Always Wrong"  Toad the Wet Sprocket 
Mein erster Schritt 2x07  "The Rain King"  The Counting Crows 
  "Bad Case of Loving You"  Robert Palmer 
Mein Pudding 2x08  "If I Had a Million Dollars"  Barenaked Ladies 
  "Ride Wit Me"  Nelly 
  "Mother We Just Can't Get Enough"  New Radicals 
Mein Glückstag 2x09  "Under Pressure"  David Bowie and Queen 
Mein Monster 2x10  "Dreaming of You"  The Coral 
  "Daydreams and Lies"  Keren DeBerg 
  "Jeffersons Theme Song"   
Meine Bettbeziehung 2x11  "Tell Her This"  Del Amitri 
  "Notre Dame Fight Song"   
Meine neue alte Freundin 2x12  "She Says"  Howie Day 
  "Eye of the Tiger"  Survivor 
Meine Theorie 2x13  "At Last"  Keren DeBerg 
  "Waiting for my Real Life to Begin"  The Cast 
Mein modernes Wissen 2x14  "Gone"  Tart 
  "My Fault"  Keren DeBerg 
  "Bulletproof Glow"  Steve Betrand 
  "He's Not Heavy, He's My Brother"  gesungen von D.L. Hughley  
  "Hello My Baby"  sung by the Hospital Quartet 
  "Me and Bobby McGee"  gesungem von Todd 
Seine Geschichte 2x15  "Question"  Rhett Miller 
Mein Coach 2x17  "Sweet Georgia Brown"  The Harlem Globetrotters theme 
Meine scharfe Koma-Braut 2x18  "Come Around"  Rhett Miller 
  "Boy on TV"  Keren DeBerg 
Mein Grössenwahn 2x19  "Payback"  James Brown 
  "Samantha"  Keren DeBerg 
  "Folgers song"  by Ted's band 
  "By Mennan"  by Ted's Band 
  "Poison"  by Carla and Elliot 
  "McDonald's song"  by Ted's band 
  "Blind, Deaf & Dumb"  The Churchills 
  "High Time"  Michael Penn 
Meine Interpetation 2x20  "99 Luftballöne"  Nena 
  "Let's Get It On"  Marvin Gaye 
Mein Drama 2x21  "Sex Machine"  James Brown 
  "Sleep"  Keren DeBerg 
  "Don't You Forget About Me"  Simple Minds 
Mein Traumjob 2x22  "Sunday"  Keren DeBerg 
  "My Brilliant Feat"  Colin Hay 
  "Pinch Me"  Barenaked Ladies 
  "Candyman"  Sammy Davis, Jr.