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Scrubs Soundtrack Staffel 3

Episode  Song  Interpret 
Meine Psychiaterin  "Rappers Delight"  Sugar Hill Gang 
  "All By Myself"  Cast 
  "i Would Do Anything for Love"  Mr. Blass 
Meine Beförderung  "Lost Cause"  Beck 
Meine Begegnung mit dem Tod  "Blue Eyes"  Cary Brothers 
Ihre Geschichte  "Still Dre"  Sung by Molly and Elliot 
  "Funky For You"  Common 
Meine Trauer  "Stop Joking Around"  Hawksley Workman 
  "Sanford & Son Theme"   
Mein hollywoodreifer Auftritt  "Thank You"  Dido 
  "Andy Griffith Theme"  (whistled by Molly and others) 
  "She's Gone"  (a Hall & Oates song sung by Dan) 
  "Move On"  Jet 
  "Take Off"  Tart 
Meine einmalige Chance  "Honestly"  Cary Brothers 
  "Somehow"  Cary Brothers 
  "Bust a Move"  Young MC 
  "In the Mood"  Glenn Miller 
  "If You Were Here"  Thompson Twins 
  "Bad Case of Loving You"  Sung by Molly Shannon 
  "Can't Hold On"  Tart 
Mein Spiel mit dem Feuer  "One"  from A Chorus Line 
  "I Want to Know"  The Mavericks 
Meine Hexe  "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik"  Mozart 
Mein Einhorn  "Learn to Fly"  Foo Fighters 
  "Hey, Good Lookin'"  Sung by Gregory and Franklyn 
  "Cats in the Cradle"  Sung by Gregory 
Mein bester Moment  "Joy to the World"  The Butties 
  "Take On Me"  A Ha 
  "What the World Needs Now is Love"  Burt Bacharach 
Mein Absturz  "Barbara Ann"  sung by the Janitor, Troy and Randall 
  "No Not Much"  sung by Ted's Band
(the Worthless Peons) 
  "All Kinds of Time"  Fountains of Wayne 
Mein Partner  "Today"  Josh Radin 
Meine Sitcom  "Cheers Theme"  Colin Hay 
  "Let's All Go to the Lobby"  sung by Turk 
  "Sanford & Son Theme"  sung by Turk 
  "Isn't She Lovely"  sung by Kenny (Clay Aiken) 
Meine Mitbewohner  "Faith in Angels"  Peter Mayer 
  "Windmills"  Toad the Wet Sprocket 
Mein Kuchen  "Can't Go Back"  Keren DeBerg 
  "Closer"  Josh Radin 
  "Waiting For You"  Cary Brothers 
  "Roseanna"  Turk's ringtone 
Mein Chef mal anders  "Collide"  Howie Day 
Meine Lippen sind versiegelt   "Everybody Gets What They Deserve"   The Churchills 
Meine Massnahme  "Don't Look Away"  Josh Radin 
  "C'mon, Get Happy"  David Cassidy 
Mein Glaube an die Menschheit  "Closer to Spring"  Bang 
My Changing Ways  "Half"  G Tom Mac